Tripura pays tribute to Subhas Chandra Bose on 120th birth anniversary

Agartala : Students of the Netaji Subash Vidya Niketan School here paid tribute to freedom fighter and Congress Party leader Subhas Chandra Bose on his 120th birth anniversary.

A colouful rally was also held to highlight his ideology, the freedom struggle, India’s cosmopolitan society and the prevailing societal evils.

Hundred of school students and representatives of different organisations and clubs participated in the rally that went through the streets of Agartala.

The rally depicted India’s freedom movement with emphasis on Subash Bose’s role, India’s unity in the diverse, cruelty against animal, militancy existing taboos in the society, and other socio-cultural subjects.

Sreya Sinha, a student of standard nine, who dressed up as a traditional Rajasthani woman, said, “Her we are celebrating the 120th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra. We are depicting the various culture and religion of India. We want to send the message that in spite of various religion and culture we are all human.”

Another student, Nikita Ghosh, who dressed up as a Tripuri tribal, said: “We are not only presenting the rally for entertainment, rather we want to pass a message to everyone about the various existing taboos which are hindrance to the development of our society and to protest against all these we are participating here.”

She added that in today’s scenario, Netaji’s ideology remains relevant.

The Azad Hind flag fluttered along with the national tricolour in remembrance of Bose.

People from various walks of life also said that they were happy to hear that files related to Bose were being declassified.

Pijush Biswas, a renowned lawyer, said it was late, but happy that it was ultimately happening.

Tripura Congress president Birijit Sinha said, “To know about Netaji’s mystery everyone Indian is waiting and so do we. First let it be revealed and after that we can of course argue on it. This is a long pending initiative but now it is time for revealing the mystery and it is good for the people of the nation.”

Tripura’s Education Minister, Tapan Chakraborty, inaugurated the event. (ANI)