Woman shot dead for saying No to marriage proposal

New Delhi: A 24-year-old woman from South Delhi Khirki Extension was allegedly killed for rejecting the marriage proposal.

A CCTV footage shows Manoj, the accuse along with his three other friends who went to victims house. FIR has been filed for attempted murder and Police also arrested two men.

According to the Police, Manoj accompanied with his friends stopped by the victim’s house. He shot in her chest when she came out. Victim’s brother has seen Manoj shooting his sister. Though she was rushed to hospital she couldn’t be saved.

According to the victims family, she was friends with Manoj before he proposed her for marriage. When she turned him down, accuse started stalking and harassing her. He also threatened to kill her and her brother to which she responded that she would file a complaint against him with the police. Not doing so has taken the victims life.

The accuse has been traced down using his number the Police retrieved from victims phone and was arrested at Tigri in Neb Sarai along with his friend Afroz. The Police also recovered the murder weapon and arrested two others, as reported in DC.