Video: Disappointed with Yogi Raj, Bajrang Dal’s Valmiki members break idols, affirm to join Islam

Moradabad: Describing Yogi Sarkar of Uttar Pradesh as anti-Dalit, at least families of fifty Valmiki communities of Moradabad district have threatened to abandon Hinduism and adopt Islam.

On Saturday, people accused the BJP of being anti-Dalit and sacked statues of gods and goddesses of Hindu religion in Ramganga river in their homes. They immersed the idols and the images in the nearby river.

People gathered in the Chhatarpur Park of Jigar Colony and shouted slogans against the BJP government. Although activists of Bajrang Dal had also come and made desperate attempts to persuade them but the people of Valmiki community refused to budge and threaten to read namaz and would adopt Islam.

One local resident told ABP News, “Barbers refused to cut our hair under pressure from the members of the upper caste. Our beard grew and we began to look like Muslims. It was then we decided to embrace Islam.”

Lalla Babu Dravid, President of Indian Valmiki Dharma Samaj, warned that if justice is not received, they will not have any objection in adopting other religion.