Woman kills her infant son after attempting three times to take his life

UK: A woman from UK had killed her 58-day-old son just because her inner voice told that she was a bad mother.

According to the news reported in ibtimes, the woman, Hannah Turtle, 22, from Shotton in North Wales, told to the police that she tried to kill her son three times before his death.

In her third attempt to kill her son, she stopped breathing of her son and suffocating him which finally led to his death.

In her first attempt to kill her son, she pinched the infant’s nose until he turned blue. Immediately, paramedics were called in and the boy’s condition revived.

On June 3, second time, she suffocated her son while they were alone. The doctors resuscitated the infant and his condition became stable.

Finally, in her third attempt, the woman placed her hand on the nose and mouth of the infant and suffocated him till his death. The woman did not stop even when the boy was struggling for air.

Prosecutor Davis Elias told that “We may never know why exactly she did this.”

The woman sat with the infant’s lifeless body for a long time, then calmly went to look after her mother-in-law. Later she went to the toilet before returning to the room and pretending that she had just found the lifeless baby.