With surge in COVID-19 cases, clercs urge Muslims to pray at home during Ramzan

New Delhi: With the holy month of Ramzan starting from Monday, the All India Imam Organisation held a meeting in New Delhi and asked Muslims to offer namaz at home, and advised them not to assemble in crowds at mosques because of the Covid-19 surge.

Amid a surge in the COVID-19 cases in the country, Imams held meetings and appealed to follow the guidelines issued by the government.

A meeting of the Imams of Delhi under the chairmanship of Dr. Umer Ahmad Ilyasi, Chief of All India Imam Organisation was geld at Imam House in New Delhi. In this meeting, Imams discussed how to improve the situation keeping in mind the rising outbreak of Coronavirus and the emphasis on applying masks with social distancing.

While Speaking to ANI Umer Ahmed Ilyasi said, “During Ramadan, most people will come to the mosques for Namaz, what the government is doing is at its own place, but we also have some responsibility, on which we have decided that along with social distancing, we will also offer Namaz and Tarabi and open Roza in our respective home and if there is a lot of emergencies, then get out of the house, because the way things are getting worse, we have to cooperate with each other,” said Ilyasi.

“I think that in view of Corona, and the way in which it is spreading, we have to try and offer our prayers in our house. And Roza too will have to be opened in your houses, it’s Happy Ramadan month, do prayers that corona disease gets over as soon as possible,” he added.

He also appealed to follow COVID guidelines as the Central and state governments have issued during Ramzan.

“I want to mention that the way the corona is spreading is a matter of great sadness. In view of the same, we had a meeting of the core committee of the All India Imam Organization in Delhi, the moon is likely to be seen on Tuesday, and on Wednesday and it will be the first day of Roza,” said the chief.

“We will follow the COVID guidelines as the Central and state governments have issued. There are about five and a half million mosques in India. We have told the Imams through those mosques that whatever guidelines are there, we have to believe that we have insisted that the masks should wear, sanitized your hand twice or thrice and please maintain social distancing frequently,” he added.