Hyderabad: Verizon India, GHMC to provide legal identity to 5k street kids

Hyderabad: In a bid to ensure legal identity to over 5000 children in the city, global tech giant Verizon (India unit) in association with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on Monday launched the ‘Making #TheInvisibles Visible through Legal Identity’ initiative.

The step was taken to ensure a life of dignity and respect for the children in street situations (CiSS) in Hyderabad by ensuring a legal identity, and thereby getting them access to their entitlements as rights.

The year-long project will ensure that these children have a legal identity document, enabling them to be visible on the government records. With this, they can avail schemes for which they will be eligible for their overall well-being and future growth, said a press release.

The project brings in multiple stakeholders (State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights, District Child Protection Unit, Department of Women and Child Welfare, Child Welfare Committees, State Juvenile Police Unit – Hyderabad Police and other civil society organisations) on a common platform to bring about a collective impact on these lives.

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