Wishfin launches “Mutual Fund SIP on WhatsApp”

New Delhi: Wishfin has launched a pioneering product, “Mutual Fund SIP on WhatsApp” through which you can now buy Mutual Funds on Whatsapp.

With this launch, starting SIP is as simple as giving a missed call at 844 778 2222 and chatting away to start a Mutual Fund SIP. You can also start a Mutual Fund SIP through this link: https://mutualfund.wishfin.com/campaign-whatsapp-sip.

Puru Vashishtha, Chairman and MD, Wishfin.com. said, “Mutual Fund SIPs are best systematic wealth creation product for retail customers. We are a big champion of Mutual Funds and SIPs, and wanted to make it easy to invest in them. It could not have been easier than chatting your way to prosperity on Whatsapp. The world is seeing the power of commerce on chat platforms. Pinduoduo Inc recently got listed on Nasdaq with approximately $25 billion market cap, leveraging the power of WeChat for e-commerce. What we have built with Whatsapp has similar contours. If anything, financial services have even more leverage on a chat platform like Whatsapp, as compared to e-commerce, because it involves just moving digital bytes, and not atoms.”

“In Mutual Fund SIP on WhatsApp, we have a great product, a great cause (systematic wealth creation for our customers), and huge advantage of virality due to ubiquitous sharing potential of a platform like Whatsapp. We particularly plan to leverage this product outside the top 25 cities and build long-term savings and wealth for customers across India. As richer features like Whatsapp payments go live, starting Mutual Fund SIP on WhatsApp will become even easier,” He added.

About 8 months ago, Wishfin had partnered with Whatsapp on testing its enterprise business solution. Wishfin had launched loan and credit card application on Whatsapp, and later Wishfin launched Free CIBIL on Whatsapp by giving missed call at 82 87 151 151. That product was a big success, with more than a million customers checking their Credit Score last month. Mutual Fund SIP on WhatsApp is the latest product launch, and Wishfin looks forward to keep innovating to make investing in Mutual Funds easier. (ANI)