Kyocera develops full-spectrum LED lights to conserve energy

Kyoto: As the market for LED lighting is witnessing rapid growth due to awareness on energy conservation, Kyocera Corporation has developed the world’s first full-spectrum LED lighting for aquariums.

Its high-colour-rendering LED lighting combines its proprietary violet LEDs and RGB (red, green and blue) phosphors to create lights close to natural sunlight at specific underwater depths, thus making it ideal for growing various water creatures as it reproduces the light close to natural habitats of corals and water plants.

“We expect to expand the market of LED not only for aquariums but also in medical and industrial sectors in the future. There are people who seek the quality of light in particular not only in Japan but also in many countries overseas.

So we hope to provide our technology for such people in the future,” said Takashi Okunosono, a company official.

By combining violet LEDs and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) phosphor blending technology, its high-colour-rendering LEDs produce light extremely close to natural sunlight.

As each LED element emits full-spectrum light close to natural sunlight, it produces light with luminance uniformity without colour separation making it ideal for growing corals and other sea creatures for a long period of time.

“This is the LED lighting developed to reproduce ground sunlight with natural white. And this time we are introducing it for aquariums.

Corals creatures are sensitive to light. In the past, using LED lighting for them was not easy. So I always hoped that we would be able to develop something that can foster ecology through LED lighting and help protect the environment.

The concept of our products this time is friendly LED light for corals. In the future, I hope to develop other products for people,” said another company official, Kiyotaka Yokoi.

Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic technology provides excellent durability in LED light. In addition, air-cooling function utilising air convection offers high output while maintaining high colour rendering. The optical spectrum can also be customised to reproduce deep blue colour for ornamental purposes.

Efforts to develop LED light by Japan technology are expected to brighten up the future of marine creature and plants. (ANI)