“Will re-write the Indian Constitution”- RSS Ideologue Govindacharya

RSS pracharak and saffron party’s leader K.N. Govindacharya who was a bitter critic of PM Modi has all of a sudden seemed to have grown fond of Modiji since PM’s policies are in sync with Sangh’s ideologies.

In an exclusive interview with the ‘Wire’, the RSS ideologue Govindacharya said the party has as many as 40 lakh swayamsevaks who are working day and night to spread the Sangh’s Hindutva message.

Govindacharya who has been quietly working towards fulfilling his vision, same as the Sangh’s, expressed ‘Islam as violent’ in nature and how Hindutva cannot exist peacefully in cooperation with Islam.

The RSS ideologue also spoke about the bigger project of the Sangh’s is to rewrite the Indian Constitution as per the Sangh’s ideologies and the minorities will need to adhere to the Hindutva ideologies-alone in India.

When asked about violence by the Hindutva groups, he replied yes Hindus have to resort to such actions in their own land and that you cannot expect Hindu community to remain calm on their own land.

Responding to a question on him being a part of discussions to make the directives principles of the Constitution into fundamental duties, he replied with a positive answer.

He is reported to have said indeed there are discussions as such, going on within the party and said secularism means opposition of Hindus and appeasement of Muslims or other minorities and soon we will get rid of this word since it is colliding with the Indian Constitution, it shall be re-written by the Hindutva ideologies, National Herald reported.

In one of his interview’s back in 2016, the RSS ideologue has clearly stated that the Sangh’s goal is to re-write the Indian Constitution as per Hindu norms since it has always been a Hindu Nation.

Now, these extremists and right-wing groups that have come into existence only just sometime before British left India has evolved in the past to become one of the powerful ideologies to influence and manipulate minds of younger as well as older generations.

The crimes against the Muslim Minorities that have gone up with lynchings across India under the Hindutva ideologies are proofs of what the community will be subjected to if the Constitution is changed or tampered with the ruling power in Centre.