Wifi will kill us: Adele

London: Oscar-winning singer Adele is convinced wifi is going to be the death of us within the next 25 years.

The “Hello” hitmaker hates the way technology has taken over lives and is convinced wireless internet and devices will wipe out the world over the next quarter of decade, reported Female First.

“People would rather have a photo to show to people than actually enjoy a moment. It’s weird–when I first started out, nearly 10 years ago, no one had their phones out. I’d go onstage to people. Now I go onstage to 18,000 phones. It’s pretty because of the lights but no one is actually looking at the world–they’re on their phones all the time.

“Also, this Wi-Fi, you watch, it’s going to kill our insides, it’s just floating around. I’m telling you, we’ll find out in 25 years.