It’s ‘No Tobacco Day’ in Punjab today

Amritsar (Punjab): To reduce prevalence of tobacco and nicotine use and to prevent the spread of non-communicable disease, the Government of Punjab will observe Tuesday as ‘No Tobacco Day’.

State Health Minister Surjit Kumar Jyani said the aim of this campaign is to reduce tobacco and nicotine use in Punjab in order to reduce prevalence of non-communicable diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

He also said that the sale of loose cigarettes, tobacco and E-Cigarettes is banned in Punjab.

According to a study carried out by the web site, the extent of drug addiction in Punjab is alarming.

Near the border areas of the state, the rate of heroin abuse among 15 to 25 year olds is as high as 75 percent – the percentage is 73 in other rural areas throughout the region.

A Department of Social Security Development of Women and Children has suggested that as many as 67 percent of rural households in Punjab have at least one drug addict in the family.

There is at least one death due to drug overdose each week in the region. (ANI)