What’s keeping 60’s glamour Asha Parekh still ‘happy’?

New Delhi: Veteran actress Asha Parekh has revealed that she is “happy” not being married and doesn’t “miss a companion.”

In an interview with a leading magazine, the 73-year-old actress revealed that it was her “destiny” to remain single and added that her mother did look for suitable grooms for her, but nothing worked.

She further said, “I’m very happy I’m not married. I can see the stress that exists between parents and children today.”

On being asked if she feels lonely, the Padma Shri actress stated that she doesn’t miss a companion as she is not an “introvert” and has got friends to talk to.

She added, “If marriage is not in your destiny, your spouse may leave you or he may die. And you may be left by yourself again. You come alone and you go alone.” (ANI)