Watch: Hilarious audition of Qandeel Baloch In Pakistan Idol

Desperate for instant fame, Pakistan model Qandeel Baloch, who had recently made headlines with her antics to gain popularity, now has come with another way of grabbing the limelight.

In Pakistan Idol, Qandeel gives a hilarious audit, and she even cried on her rejection.

It is to be noted that, Pakistan Idol is all set to rule the Pakistani entertainment industry for that, the auditions are in progress. The audience is waiting to have its best 12 chosen while the judges are found busy in the scrutiny of contestants.

The 25-year-old also proposes to do a strip dance for the Pakistan cricket team if they succeeded in beating India in their World T20.

However, psychologist Faisal Mamsa from Pakistan says that, “Baloch is all about seeking attention, which suggests a restricted family background.”