Rob K finds ‘confidence,’ courtesy Blac Chyna

Washington : Love does change a person, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, but here, it seems Blac Chyna’s influence has changed Rob Kardashian for better.

Whether it’s being photographed more often in public, sharing pictures on social media or showing off his fitness “progress,” the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star has made positive changes that have not gone unnoticed by his family, reports E! Online.

According to a source, the family, who did not see Rob coming out of his shell like this in years is very grateful for Chyna’s help with giving “Rob ‘confidence’ again and putting his health and fitness first.”

Reportedly, Kris Jenner would like the 27-year-old model to start coming to family events once things have calmed down a bit. (ANI)