Vivek Oberoi to Produce Kids Show on Education

MUMBAI: Actor Vivek Oberoi is planing to produce a show for children on television that would mostly be centered around education of kids.

“There is something that I want to do (as a producer) on television with kids. I have a foundation that does lot of work in areas of education, health care and various social issues,” Vivek told PTI.

“We believe in empowering the girl child. So in the North we have free education for underprivileged girls. So far three thousand kids have benefited. We are planning to do something on this,” he said.

The creative team has already begun work on the nitty gritties of the show.

“It is too early to talk about the format as we are still working on it,” Vivek adds.

If all goes well, then according to the “Saathiya” star the show will hopefully happen this year on TV.

“Usually reality shows have a time period, so, we will have to see where this would fit in,” he said.

The 39-year-old actor is happy judging the second season of the reality show “India’s Best Dramebaaz”.

According to the “Company” actor the enthusiasm and innocence of the children participating in “India’s Best Dramebaaz” makes the show unique.

“I was excited to be back as I loved being on the show. The children are sincere and how innocently they do their acts is amazing,” he said.

“There are shows where people fight, yell, abuse each other but this show (‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’) showcases purely the talent of the kids. I was happy to be on the show…improve their (children) talent and confidence,” he added.

The talent hunt show puts children in the age range of 5-13 years through a series of tasks and challenges that will enhance their creativity, spontaneity and acting abilities.

Being a parent in real life, the show has helped Vivek in understanding kids better.

“I feel one shouldn’t criticise them (kids) directly. you need to make them understand their mistake and increase their confidence,” he said.

“I have learnt that they need some encouragement and motivation at every stage. I love kids and I do become one and talk like them,” he added.

Besides Vivek, actress Sonali Bendre and Sajid Khan were also judging the show.

“It was a great experience working with Sonali Bendre and Sajid Khan. We shared a great camaraderie,” he said.

The show is nearing its finale and Vivek was surprised with the acts the kids performed this season.

“There were lot of interesting acts that made us realise things like ‘old age’ act that taught us to love and value our elders, ‘tree act’ taught us to value things that we get for free,” Vivek said.