Pamela Anderson dissappointed with Playboy’s no nudity policy

Johannesburg : Pamela Anderson has expressed her disappointed over Playboy Magazine’s decision of dropping out nude photo-shoots.

The 48-year-old actress, who first posed for the publication in 1989 and has appeared in its pages 15 times, covered the nude issue for the last time.

She said that though she understands why the magazine have taken this decision, it was bittersweet, adding that the playboy mansion was her university, it was full of intellectuals, sex, rock ‘n’ roll, arts, all of the important stuff, Chanel.24 reports.

She also believes that no full-frontal nudity policy signals an end of the Playboy ‘lifestyle’ founder Hugh Hefner embodied and lived out at his Playboy Mansion.

The `Baywatch` actress also revealed that before agreeing to bare it all again for magazine, she had a word with her teenage sons, Brandon and Dylan, who were fine with it.

This Playboy shoot marks her 14th cover and 15th pictorial. (ANI)