Video: Zakir Naik blasts media, accuses leaders of hypocrisy

KUWAIT CITY: Renowned Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik in a recent interview has spoken about the controversies that surround him and stressed that the Indian authorities before accusing him of being an extremist, must look at Hindu leaders of the country for the same.

In the interview with KTV Al Majlis, a TV channel run by state-owned Kuwait Television KTV, Dr Naik has spoken about how the Modi administration, with the help of and right-wing media targeting him and tried to project him as a “demon figure” after the terrorist attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh last year.

The founder of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) also referred to selection of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of UP who openly incited violence against Muslims.

He said that the hatred preacher who openly threatened Muslims of serious consequences and asked to dig up graves and rape Muslim women’s corpses has become the Chief Minister of the largest state.

“The state of democracy in India is such that the one who asked to dig graves of Muslim women and rape the corpses has now become the chief minister of the largest state,” he told KTV Al Majlis.

Naik claimed that if he was involved in any act of planning or inciting terrorism through his videos, which have been online for the last 10 to 15 years, why did the government only look into the matter now?

He said, “many times the Indian government had invited me to give lecture on religion in National Academy of Hyderabad. Sometimes, I was even put under the pressure to give a talk in the National academy.”

Naik also pointed towards the current wave of Hindutva vigilantism after lynching incidents where people get killed in public on allegation of eating beef.

People are mob lynched and instead of investigating into the murder, they probed on whether it was beef or mutton.