Efforts at Grand Alliance will fail: Venkaiah Naidu

New Delh: Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said the attempts to forge a Grand Alliance by the opposition parties against the BJP will fail as there is no consensus among them over the issue of leadership.

“The casteist and communal are afraid of (Prime Minister) Modi and that’s why they have started a misinformation campaign against him,” the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister told reporters here.

He said the attempts of the opposition parties to “mislead” people against the central government will “fail and boomerang”.

Taking a dig at the opposition parties for their attempts to forge a Grand Alliance at the national level to counter the Bharatiya Janata Party, Naidu said, “All these attempts of forging Grand Alliance or alliance will fail. Nothing is going to happen.”

Citing previous attempts of forming an a national front against the BJP, Naidu said, “We have seen it in past too. There is no principle, no common programme, no consensus on leadership. Rather being a national front, it became a notional front, united front became a divided front, third front became a distant third front.”

“….so that being the case I don’t think this effort of Grand Alliance will succeed,” the BJP leader said.

Naidu also wished the opposition parties luck to come together and give BJP the space in Bengal and Kerala.

“I hope the Congress, the Communists and the Trinamool come together so that the BJP can occupy the remaining space in Kolkata and that in Kerala the Communists and the Congress come together so that the space is left for the BJP,” he said.

“You cannot have operation in Delhi, operation in Kolkata and separation in Kerala,” Naidu added.