VHP comes down hard on NDA govt over its policy towards Pakistan

New Delhi: VHP on Friday came down hard on the government, alleging “confusion” in its policy towards Pakistan and demanded a White Paper on terrorism spelling out clearly what it intends to do to curb it.

VHP joint general secretary Sunrender Jain said the audacity shown by Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit in declaring that the peace process between the two countries is suspended was a result of the “confusion” in the government’s policy that “lacks homogeneity”.

“Government should bring clarity in its policy towards Pakistan and come out with a White Paper spelling out clearly what is the level of terrorism in the country, who is behind it and who are aiding it, besides spelling out the role of Pakistan in sponsoring it.

“The White Paper should also spell out clearly what the government intends to do in curbing and tackling terrorism sponsored by Pakistan. The confusion regarding government’s action and commitment with regard to terrorism and Pakistan should be made clear,” he said.

Demanding that Pakistan be dealt with “sternly”, Jain said “when the present government came to power there was hope that Pakistan-sponsored terrorism will be checked and terrorism in the country would end. Unfortunately, due to its unstable policy there is a state of confusion in the country.”

“It is due to the lack of homogeneity in India’s policy towards Pakistan that its High Commissioner had the audacity of saying unilaterally that peace process between two countries is suspended,” he said.

The VHP leader said that terrorism is at its “peak” in the country and not a single day passes when there is not a threat in some parts of the country.

He said terrorism has no face, but there is no doubt on the role of Pakistan in it.

“Weak policies of the previous government in dealing with terrorism helped in promoting terrorism,” he said, adding that people had hope from this government.

He said the Pakistan High Commissioner has tried to hide the role of Pakistan in promoting terrorism and it seems that Pakistan’s “audacity” has increased after the Pathankot air base attack due to India’s “unstable” policy towards it.

Jain also lamented that the government allowed an ISI agent to get entry into Pathankot air base as part of a Joint Investigative Team due to “confusion” in the government’s policy.