Vast majority of Muslims are ‘good citizens’ French Envoy

New Delhi: Accusing the ISIS of betraying very value of Islam, France’s Ambassador to India François Richier on Wednesday said that vast majority of Muslims across the world are good citizens.

He also asserted that terrorist groups such as ISIS do not represent true values of Islam.

“The fact is these terrorist groups are claiming to be representing values of Islam, we are sure that they do not represent Islam… Many countries have sizeable population of Muslims, vast majority of them are quiet and good citizens,” the French Envoy told ANI.

“We don’t count people by religion, it should be highlighted that organisations like ISIS are betraying very value of Islam,” he added.

He said that France would continue to welcome refugees fleeing the war-torn regions despite the risk of people affiliated to the terror groups crossing-over to the French territory.

“We’ve opened our arms to refugees for good reason, they’re fleeing terrorism and dictatorship, in that sense they’re on same side,” he said.

“We’ve to screen people and ensure they are real refugees,” he added.

He also expressed concern over the growing number of women joining the ISIS.

“We have noticed no. of women who’ve joined ISIS in Syria, it’s a matter of concern, but nothing new that ISIS is hiring women,” he added.

Meanwhile, 10 French fighter jets will carry out a fresh wave of airstrikes in Syria according to their defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The Daily Mail quoted the minster saying that France will have 36 fighter aircrafts which will target the ISIS stronghold.