V.K Singh brands Pak army chief’s ‘Kashmir’ comment as ‘nonsense’

Bhopal: Reacting to Pakistan’s army chief Raheel Sharif’s description of Kashmir as an ‘unfinished agenda of the Partition’ and threatening with an ‘unbearable cost’ for a ‘short or long war’, Union Minister V. K. Singh on Monday said that many people have habit of talking nonsense and should not pay attention to everything.

“Many people have this habit of talking nonsense we should not pay attention to everything. Let people say whatever they want, India is capable of taking every sort of action when needed” said Singh

Speaking at an event in Rawalpindi on Sunday, General Sharif said: “Let me reiterate that our armed forces stand fully capable to defeat all sorts of external aggression. If the enemy ever resorts to any misadventure, regardless of its size and scale – short or long – it will have to pay an unbearable cost. Enduring peace is not possible without a just resolution of Kashmir. The issue can no longer be put on the backburner.”(ANI)