BJP dancing to the tune of RSS: Congress

New Delhi: Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Monday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that he was running the government on behalf of the RSS(Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) and added that never before in the history of the nation, had the Centre ever reported to the RSS.

“India’s biggest NGO is RSS. Prime Minister Modi is running the government on behalf of RSS. If RSS says that OROP should be implemented than it will be implemented. Now, RSS has said that India should continue talks with Pakistan so, now the talks will continue,” Sibal told ANI.

“In India’s history it never happened that those who are in the Ministry at the Central government had to report their work to the RSS. The unique thing is that today also they (RSS) say that they are a cultural organisation. They are taking decisions on the economy and foreign policy of the government and they say that they are a cultural organisation,” he added.

Talking further on the floundering state on Indian economy with Rupee being all time low, Sibal said, “The Rupee is 66.83 per US dollar and they wanted the rupee to be 56 per US dollar just like the size of Prime Minister Modi’s chest.”

“Sensex is below 25,000 with 15-month low and now when u will ask Finance Minister Arun Jaitley he will give the slowdown in foreign economy as the reason for the weak rupee and the market . When we were in power they blamed us and said that we cannot manage the economy well. This only shows double standard of the government,” he said.(ANI)