US midterm polls: Democrats leading in fight to win House

Washington: With the midterm elections coming towards an end in the United States, the poll results so far have revealed that the Democrats have taken an edge over the Republicans to take over the House of Representatives.

Quoting sources, CNN reported that the Democrats have already won 141 seats out of a total 218 seats in the House. The party has reportedly taken over Kansas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, Florida, and New York, along with two Republican seats along the East Coast.

They now need to pick up 11 Republican seats to establish a majority.

However, US media has suggested that the Republicans are likely to gain control of the Senate
Thousands of people in the United States have exercised their majority in the midterm polls conducted in all across the country on Tuesday. This election would be a litmus test for the two-years of Republican government headed by the incumbent president Donald Trump.