US Congressman vows to curb Pak oppression on minorities

Washington: United States Congressman vowed to use every tool at his disposal to prevent Pakistan from oppressing its natives.

While addressing the inaugural ceremony of The Voice of Karachi and South Asia Minorities Alliance Foundation in Washington, D.C., Thomas Garrett Jr expressed his ire over human rights violation involving Pakistan’s ethnic and religious minorities.

Garett said, “Every tool that we have in the toolbox whether its sanctions, whether it is the application of Little Magnitsky concepts on leaders who oppress their people whether in Pakistan or anywhere else, I will advocate on behalf of that.”

He expressed his disgust over incidents of harassments and intimidation by some elements to stop peaceful activities of these organizations on the US soil.

While supporting the protests by Balochs, Mohajirs, and Sindhis, who have faced discrimination at hands of Pakistan’s government, Garett said that it is natural that all these groups are standing for their own people but “our greatest selves will arrive when people stand up for people.”

He made it clear that he would continue ties with such nations who treat their minorities just as any other group.
He also called for voting to enable sanctions against the oppressive regimes which ill-treat Rohingya minority in Burma.

Further, another congressman Scott Perry said American money or aid should not be given to countries who suppress their people. (ANI)