CBSE class 12th results declared, Trivandrum registers highest pass percentage

New Delhi: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced its results today with the overall pass percentage of 83.01 percent.

The top three regions were Thiruvananthapuram with 97.32 percent, Chennai 93.87 percent, and Delhi with 89 percent.

“The board congratulates all the students. The girls have taken a lead of 9.32 percent ahead of boys. The pass percentage has also increased by 1 percent. There are nine toppers this year with the first topper at 499 marks, the second topper 498, and seven toppers at 497 marks,” Public Relations Officer (PRO) CBSE Rama Sharma told ANI.

“The CBSE has also set up special counseling facility for dealing with post-result anxiety. The toll-free number 1800-11-8004 can be accessed from any part of the country,” she further added.

Meghna Srivastava, from Ghaziabad, became the national topper with 499 marks out of 500. Anoushka Chandra from Ghaziabad secured the second position with 498.

A. Vijay Ganesh from Kerala topped the differently able category with a score of 492. Pooja Kumari of Dehradun secured the second position with 489 and, Lavanya Jha of Delhi came third with 487.

A total of 11,84,386 students were registered out of which 11,06,772 appeared across 4145 centers.(ANI)