UPSC’s official website hacked!

New Delhi: Hackers seems to enjoy putting on a quite impressive show, playing with government’s official websites, hacking them illegally and all this without being caught.

Months after there was news of Indian Defence Ministry’s website being hacked apart from hundreds of other official websites, now the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) official website – – which is handled by the Indian Government was reportedly hacked late on Monday, ABP reported.

The website’s homepage displayed the image of the popular cartoon character Doraemon along with the caption: “Doraemon!!!! Pick up the call”.

A line under the picture of Doraemon read “I.M. STEWPEED”!

However, the site was restored within a few hours claimed reports from sources.

The UPSC is the country’s official recruitment agency for central government jobs which conducts recruitment processes and examinations.

Hacking government’s official websites seems to be a new trend among hackers who are eager to display their talents through these shows.

However, soon after the hack, many people on various social media platforms shared screenshots of the website while others tagged PMO, Modi and Digital India to raise a complaint.

Earlier in April, the website of the Supreme Court of India was also hacked.