Metal coins of medieval period found in a mosque

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has found 254 metal coins of the medieval period during the conservation of Khirki Masjid, a 14th-century mosque which is located in South Delhi.

ASI’s senior official said the coins were discovered from the compound of the structure during cleaning work. The hoard was discovered near the entrance stairs and the site has been cordoned off till the Archaeological Survey of India investigates.

Archaeologists feel the coins may date to the reign of the Pashtun founder of the Suri dynasty, Sher Shah Suri, in the 16th century CE, or earlier.

The ASI is initiating a study to ‘decipher the coins’, in olden times, coins rarely had the same shape or weight and these coins are also in varied shapes and weights. All recovered articles have archaeological value and have been preserved.

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