Uniform Civil Code – Judicious discussions essential: Abid Rasool Khan

Hyderabad: Chairman of Minorities Commission, Mr. Abid Rasool Khan told that Muslims can accept Uniform Civil Code if its draft is placed for judicious discussions. Reacting on the reference made to Law Commission to review it, Mr. Khan told that it is a very sensitive issue. First of all, the draft of Uniform Civil Code should be prepared and placed before the people for serious discussions.

He further told that religion is an important factor of the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians etc. In our daily life, we resolve our issues on the basis of our religion. In such a case Govt. should consider this issue in a very careful manner. He expressed his inhibition that by implementing Uniform Civil Code not only Muslims would be effected by the Hindu Undivided Family may also come under its effect. Child Marriage and the ritual of Sati could also come under its umbrella. The religious rights of Jains and Sikhs could also be affected.

Mr. Khan told that we have been hearing the three words phrase “Uniform Civil Code” but no one knows what it is. Its draft should be made public for judicious discussions.

–Siasat News