Unhappy with Akhilesh, 26 Muslim leaders quit SP – List inside

LUCKNOW: In another jolt to the Samajwadi Party, a total of 26 Muslim leaders at Faizabad district resigned from the party on Thursday.

The resignation of these Muslim leaders come days after the party suffered its twin setback when two of its MLCs Ashok Bajpai and Ambika Chowdhury (now in BSP) resigned from the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council allegedly over the treatment being meted out to senior leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav.

All the members including state secretary Mohammed Haleem have sent their resignation to the party president and former state chief minister Akhilesh Yadav.

The members have attributed their decision to quit the party for the allegedly neglecting them.

The following are the members who quit the Samajwadi Party:

1. Mohammed. Haleem (Pappu) – State Secretary, UP Uttar Pradesh
2. Zakir Hussain (Pasha) – District Vice President, SP Uttar Pradesh
3. Mohammed. Aslam-District Secretary, UP Uttar Pradesh
4. Tavil Abbas- District Secretary, UP Uttar Pradesh
5. Wasi Haider Guddu – Member and District Secretary, SP Uttar Pradesh
6. Mohammed. Kamar Ranee-Member, SP, Uttar Pradesh
7. Mohammed. Sharif Ranee – Municipal Secretary, SP Uttar Pradesh
8. Hasan Iqbal- District Spokesperson, UP Uttar Pradesh
9. Chavez Jafri- District Vice President, Yuvraj Sabha, SP, Uttar Pradesh
10. Sai Hamid Jafar (Miss) Member, SP, Uttar Pradesh
11. Mazid Khan-City President Minority Assembly
12. Mahfouz Warsi Member, SP, Uttar Pradesh
13. Haji Asad-Member, SP Uttar Pradesh
14. Sharib Hussain – Member, SP Uttar Pradesh
15. Mirza Sadiq Hussain-Member, SP Uttar Pradesh
16. Shoaib Khan-Member, SP Uttar Pradesh
18. Najmi Jadi-Member, SP Uttar Pradesh
19. Shadman Khan-State Secretary Youth Brigade
20. Mohammed. Suhel-East Territory Secretary, Students
21. Jabir Khan – Member, SP, Uttar Pradesh
22. Mohammed Appeal (B) – Membership Cantonment Board
23. Akhtar Pradhan Draasiaganj-Member, SP Uttar Pradesh
24. Mohammed. Fareed Qureshi-Member, SP Uttar Pradesh
25. Rizwan Hasan-Member, SP, Uttar Pradesh
26. Ahmed Zamir Safi-Member, SP Uttar Pradesh