Unfaithful women’s daughters likely to cheat their partners – A survey report

UK: A survey from the website “Illicit Encounters” which facilitates extra-marital relationship has found that women are more partial to promiscuity than one might think.

The research study of the website revealed that there is one common factor that sparks the infidelity in women which is the result of their parent’s behavior.

It was also found that if while growing up a woman’s mother or father had extramarital relationship they are more likely to imbibe.

It was revealed that 71% of unfaithful women had mothers who cheated their partners whereas 45% of cheaters were the sons of the fathers who indulged in such illicit activities.

The report is based on the statistics of the research study published in “Mirror” which depicts that 66% of female respondents told that they had “permission” to cheat because their mothers did the same thing.

The survey was conducted for 100, 000 active users of this website.