Twitter now lets users show followers which Spaces they are attending

San Francisco: Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced that it is now experimenting with a new option that will let users show followers which Spaces they are listening to.

Right now, Twitter only shows Spaces being hosted by accounts you follow or if someone you follow is currently speaking in that room. However, the company now wants to make it easier to let people discover more Spaces in its mobile app, reports 9To5Mac.

In a tweet posted to the @TwitterSpaces account, the social network announced an option that will let followers see if you are listening to an ongoing Space. The company said that this new option is an experimental feature, which means that it may not become available to all users.

If you want to let your followers see if you are listening to a Space, the new option can be found in Twitter’s Privacy and Safety settings, as per the report.

A recent leak also suggests that Twitter wants to expand Spaces even further with “replay” options to let users listen to a Space after it has been ended. Right now, you can only join Spaces when they are live. However, this has not yet been officially announced by the company.

A recent report said that Spaces is about to get more options, including replay, and even rules for participants in a live chat.

These new features are still under development and were discovered in Twitter’s code by developer and app researcher Nima Owji.

More specifically, the code indicates that Twitter is adding four new options to Spaces that should give hosts more control over the room.