COVID-19: Plans are afoot to provide 10,000 extra oxygen beds in hospitals to face third wave

Hyderabad: The Telangana Government’s Health Department is gearing to take measures to face the third wave of Corona and to keep the oxygen-beds ready to be used by the severely affected patients.

During the first and second wave of Corona 17000 beds were provided with oxygen facilities in government hospitals. Currently, the preparations are afoot to ready 10000 extra oxygen-beds to deal with the situation.

Similarly, preparations are also going at a frantic pace to provide oxygen beds in all the district headquarters.

The officials have decided to convert 20 beds into ICU in every area hospital. About 20% general and ICU beds shall be reserved for the children in all the government hospitals.

The state government mandated the Oxygen plants in all those private hospitals with more than hundred beds. The hospitals with 100 to 200 shall set up plants with a capacity to produce 500 litre oxygen per minute. Similarly, all those hospitals with 200 to 500 beds must have oxygen plants with a capacity to manufacture 1000 litre of oxygen per minute. The hospitals with more than 500 beds shall have to set up oxygen plants to produce 2000 litres of oxygen per minute.

A report of the National Disaster Management had predicted the third wave of coronavirus. The report said that offices have fully opened and the people crowd the markets but they are not following the Covid-19 protocols and failing to use face masks or maintain the social distancing. The report also referred to the complacency and non availability of medical facilities and slow pace of vaccination.

The country’s 40 experts have predicted the third wave of Corona in October and recommended extra medical facilities in hospitals. Niloufer Hospital had added 1000 extra beds recently. The Health Department decided to purchase 1.5 crore RT PCR and Antigen kits. About 2000 doctors, nurses and other medical staff have been appointed provisionally.

The Government also decided to utilize the services of final year MBBS students who shall be imparted special training to deal with the situation.

Plans are afoot to keep the ICU beds ready in all the government medical colleges.