Turkish PM warns of ‘disastrous’ consequence if Israel strikes Iran

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that the outcomes of an Israeli air strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be “disastrous”, reports said Saturday.

Erdogan made the warning when he talked to journalists onboard an airplane on his way from a meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, according to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News, reported Xinhua.

“The entire region would be devastated if Israel strikes Iran,” Erdogan said, and added that he shared his views with US President Barack Obama, who is against a potential Israeli strike on Iran.

A regional conflict triggered by a possible Israeli strike ” would not end up like the war between US and Iraq. Israel should not attack Iran,” Erdogan said, adding that Israel was taking part in “disaster-mongering” with its constant threats of a possible strike on Iran.

“Israel has between 250 to 300 nuclear warheads. Nobody is discussing that,” Erdogan was quoted as saying.

“Iran says they would not produce nuclear weapons. They are saying that they would produce a specific amount of enriched uranium rods and stop after that,” Erdogan added.

After viewing the results of a Pentagon war simulation and securing more military funds from the US, Israel has decided to put off plans for a unilateral strike on Iran until at least next year.

The so-called war game was classified, but details have been reported about its revealing implications after a preventive Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. It forecast that a strike would lead to a wider regional war, which could draw in the US.