TS Govt Flayed for Failure to Protect Girijan Rights

Telangana JAC chairman Prof Kodandram today called upon the girijans to work in tandem to get the problems they have been facing   solved.

Kodandram was speaking at a round table conference of JAC Girijan students, in which representatives of girijan students from different universities across the state attended. He demanded conversion of Tandas into Panchayats.  He found fault with the Government for taking over the lands being cultivated by the Girijans.


 Speakers at the meeting resolved to extend full support to the girijan students JAC which is fighting for the rights of Adivasis.


Speakers opined that no efforts were   made by the Telangana State Government to protect the interests and rights of girijans and adivasis while creating new districts in the state. They alleged that in many areas, lands of tribals were being usurped and grabbed by officials


The speakers demanded a special system to look after facilities for education and medical for adivasis jointly by the state and central governments.

           POW leader Sandya said there should be at least six districts for advasis in Telangana state.(NSS)