Trump calls Syria airstrike perfect, says ‘Mission Accomplished’

Trump calls Syria airstrike perfect, says ‘Mission Accomplished’

Washington: United States President, Donald Trump in a tweet on Saturday praised the allied missiles that struck Syria aimed at punishing the Assad government, saying “Mission Accomplished”. Trump on Friday ordered precise strikes against Syrian military facilities with Britain and France in a coordinated action.

“A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military. Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!,” Trump said in a tweet.

Assad government has been suspected for a poison gas attack against civilians, the airstrike was said to deter the possible future use of such banned weapons, News Agency AP quoted in its report.

Trump’s statement is similar to the claim that President George W. Bush had used during the US-led invasion of Iraq. Bush addressed sailors aboard in May 2003 alongside a “Mission Accomplished” banner.

According to the White House, Trump and France President Emmanuel Macron affirmed in the call on Saturday that the joint airstrikes were “successful and necessary” to deter Syria from any further use of chemical weapons, Xinhua news agency reported.