TRS two year feast: Second year of disappointment for Muslims – KCR forgot 12% reservation

Hyderabad: In order to celebrate any feast, the Govt. has to present its past achievements to the people. If any Govt. did not fulfill its promises, it has no authority to celebrate any feast. These are the sentiments of the Muslims of Telangana for whom KCR had promised that he would provide 12% reservation soon after assuming power. The Muslims believed him and voted in favour of TRS. Even after the lapse of two years, KCR could not fulfilled his promise. When KCR was reminded about his promise that he would provide reservation to Muslims within four months of assuming charge, he totally denied and said that he had not fixed any time limit whereas the video recordings of his election speeches are making rounds in the public. If reservation was not possible within four months, why was it assured that action would be taken on the par with the reseravations given in Tamil Nadu. In order to delay the process of reservation, Sudheer Commission of Enquiry was constituted. If the Govt. was serious about providing reservations to Muslims, it would have constituted BCs Commissions straightaway. The extension of time given to Sudheer Commission twice indicates the intention of the Govt. to delay the process. Commission completed its district visits. It has now sought reports about the Muslims in various Govt. departments. It is reported that not even 25% departments have sent their reports. If the situation continues, the commission would take another year to submit its report.


In short, TRS Govt. is trying to give false hope to the Muslims. Muslims cannot be pleased by enhancement of budget allocation for the Dept. of Minorities Welfare. Muslims will not be satisfied unless 12% reservation is provided.


Govt. of Telangana has announced for offering three Urdu programs, namely Mushaira, Sham-e-Gazal and Qawali. In fact, the more important thing than these programs is 12% reservations for Muslims.


It is essential for the Muslim representatives to exert pressure on the Govt. to provide 12% reservations for Muslims. Wherever two year programs of performance of TRS Govt. are being celebrated, Muslims should put a question to Ministers and TRS leaders about 12% reservations.


–Siasat News