Shame for BJP: 500 candidates lost deposits, vote share reduced in 5 states, Modi’s wave vanished

Hyderabad: Political analysts are making reviews on the recently held Assembly elections in 5 states. BJP and its allied parties are happy that Congress lost power in Assam and Kerala. After the success of BJP in Assam, Modi and Amit Shah have declared that they would free India from Congress.


Narendra Modi is fully concentrating on his foreign tours and BJP President, Mr. Amit Shah continues to eat sweets despite being diabetic. If a detailed review of the recently held Assembly elections in five states is made, perhaps leaders would abandon eating sweets for many years. Out of the five states only in Assam, BJP fared well. The reasons for the success of BJP in Assam are former Congress CM, Mr. Gogai and his son. Mr. Badruddin Ajmal also contributed for the success of BJP.


In the parliamentary elections of 2014, BJP has polled 36.5% votes. This time, although it gained 60 seats but its vote share has been reduced to 29.5% in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry, BJP could get only 4 seats. In Kerala, BJP polled only 2.7% votes. In Puducherry, BJP had gained 16.8% votes in the General elections of 2014 but this time, it polled only 10.3% votes and did not get even a single seat. In West Bengal, out of 294 Assembly seats, BJP could get only 3 seats. In Tamil Nadu, out of 234 Assembly seats, it did not get even a single seat.


If the total results of five state assembly elections are analyzed, it would become evident that out of 824 Assembly seats, BJP could get only 64 whereas Congress got 115 seats. It is shameful for Amit Shah and Modi. It is also a fact that 500 candidates lost their deposit. It only shows that the credibility of Modi Govt. is deteriorating day-by-day. If a secular front had been formed in Assam on the models of Bihar, BJP leaders would definitely have hidden their faces.


–Siasat News