TRS transformed Assembly into its propaganda forum: Ravula

Alleging that it was unfortunate that the Land Acquisition Act-2016 bill was being passed in the Assembly though Deputy Chief Minister Mahmood Ali didn’t speak a single word, the Bill was introduced in the Assembly in the name of Mahmood Ali, TTDP senior leader and politburo member Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy has said the ruling party has transformed the Assembly into its propaganda forum.

Speaking to the media at NTR Trust Bhavan here on Saturday, Ravula said Year 2016 would remain as a year of fooling the people by the TRS government. He alleged that the TRS government has utterly failed to fulfill its assurances made by it though 31 months have gone after it came to power. He said the State government has completed Pragathi Bhavan in a record time and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has termed the Pragathi Bhavan as a Pride of Telangana. He also opined that the Pragathi Bhavan would stand as a Pride of Telangana only when last beneficiary gets double bed room house. “Till then it will remain as Deprived of Telangana”, he said. The government released the list of hours spoken by the Opposition leaders but not released the time spoken by the Chief Minister, Irrigation Minister and IT Minister. The TRS government was not only suppressing the voice of the Opposition parties but also the Ministers.

Finding fault with the Chief Minister for stating that the government readied Rs.17,660 crore for house constructions, Ravula asked the Chief Minister to tell who had obstructed him from spending the same. He asked the Chief Minister to tell whether the government diverted the money meant for the construction of double rooms to other schemes. He alleged that the State government failed to step forward on according 12 percent reservations to Minorities and tribals. Reminding President Pranab Mukherjee’s statement in Tiruvanandapuram that everyone has to protect the right of differing, Ravula asked KCR, who used to touch the feet of the President whenever he met, to tell as to why he imposed a ban on the right of ‘differing’.

Finding fault with Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao, who said that the Land Acquisition Act-2016 was an amendment to Land Acquisition Act-2013, Ravula reminded that KCR said the Land Acquisition Act-2016 was an act as per Article 254. “If so, what is its manifestation and what is its preamble? What is its name?”, he asked. He demanded that the State government introspect on its assurances and stick to them at least in the New Year 2017. (NSS)