TRS Leader at Apollo DRDO after Immolation

Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali visited Apollo DRDO Hospital, Santosh Nagar on Thursday to enquire about the well-being of TRS leader, Ayub Khan who is undergoing treatment after immolation.Mr. Mahmood Ali assured the members of his family that Govt. will pay all the expenses of his treatment. He had a detailed talk with the doctors and told them to pay attention to the patient.He appealed to the senior leaders of TRS not to take the extreme step and to have confidence in the TRS leadership. He explained that there are difficulties in accommodating people who joined TRS leaving their previous parties. He was accompanied by Mr. Mir Inayath Ali Baqri, Chairman SETWIN and State Minority Cell of TRS, Mr. Akbar Husain, Chairman, Minorities Finance Corporation and others. (Photo: Zabi)