TRS govt harassing Vimalakka: Congress

Condemning the sealing of office of Arunodaya Organisation, the Congress party today alleged that the State government was willfully harassing Telangana United Front (TUF) leader Vimalakka, who relentlessly fought for separate Telangana State.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday at Gandhi Bhavan, Congress leaders Mallu Ravi and Dasoju Sravan alleged that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was running the government dictatorially by suppressing the voice of agitators and warned that it was not correct on the part of the government. The Congress leaders said filing cases against Vimalakka was not good for the democratic Telangana. The TRS government would face the ire of the people if it continued its suppressive attitude. They said the previous united Andhra Pradesh government never resorted to such heinous attacks on Vimalakka like the present TRS regime. They alleged that the ‘Police Raj’ was going on in the State.

Sravan reminded KCR that he should not forget that top dictators were buried in the history. The power-drunk IT Minister KT Ramarao was letting loose his tongue on Telangana Political JAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram. He asked KTR as to why Kodandaram, who was raising public issues, feels shy when a shy-less leader KCR was ruling the State. He warned KTR to speak cautiously and said Kodandaram was not alone but the entire Telangana people were behind him.

Official Spokesperson Addanki Dayakar has alleged that KCR government was resorting to attacks on Kodandaram and Vimalakka for failing to face both. He asked KCR whether he was resorting to attacks under the direction of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or was it over-action of the police officials? Addanki warned KTR to behave and avoid speaking arrogantly like his father. He also pointed out that KCR and KTR were resorting to attacks. He made it clear that the Congress will stand by the side of Telangana protagonists.

Official spokespersons Kathi Venkata Swamy, Kailash Netha, Indira Shoban and others participated in the press conference. (NSS)