Triple Talaq Bill: TRS MP exposes MIM’s dual policy

Hyderabad: The person who prevented TRS to oppose Triple Talaq Bill in Parliament was none other than the MP of Hyderabad, Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, President of MIM. It is not the hearsay. It has been revealed by an MP of TRS who made this statement on the condition of anonymity. The dual role of the President of MIM was exposed when Triple Talaq Bill was presented in Lok Sabha. TRS MPs themselves were wonderstruck that despite being an ally of NDA, TDP opposed the bill but the MP of Hyderabad advised TRS MPs to take care of Hindu votes instead of opposing the bill.

At the time of presentation of Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha, TRS MPs contacted Mr. KCR to know the policy of the party. Instead of making the stand of the party clear, Mr. KCR advised TRS MPs to contact President of MIM who would inform them about the stand to be taken in Lok Sabha.

When TRS MPs met Hyderabad MP, he advised them to be neutral in the Parliament instead of supporting or opposing Triple Talaq Bill. The objective of this advice was to save Hindu vote bank. If TRS opposes the bill, Hindu voters would go astray from TRS. Following his advice, TRS MPs did not take a clear stand in the Parliament on this issue.

Now that the next session of the Parliament is scheduled to start on 29th January, TRS MPs are waiting for the instructions of KCR. If Congress-led opposition of 18 parties succeeds in getting the bill sent to the Select Committee, TRS will also support this demand. If the bill is in the state of passing easily in Rajya Sabha, TRS members would be neutral.

The strange thing is that the party which claims to be secular and sympathizer of the Muslims advised its ally to remain neutral in order to save Hindu vote bank. Instead of it, MIM would have forced TRS to oppose the bill.

At the State level, the alliance of TRS and MIM is no secret. MIM supports CM on every issue but on the issue of Triple Talaq, it advised TRS to remain neutral.

In order to eliminate the wrath of the Muslims, a member of Muslim Personal Law Board was sent to Dr. K. Keshav Rao in order to create an impression that TRS is with the Muslims. Why didn’t MIM meet the CM along with Muslim Ulema in connection with “Shariat” issue? MIM recently had a meeting with the CM regarding personal matters and also certain issues pertaining to educational institutions but its stand taken on “Triple Talaq” was not discussed in that meeting. Are personal matters more important than the Shariat issues of the Muslims? In the name of protection of Shariat, the campaign is being run in Telangana Districts. Its objective is to fulfill the political interests. In these meetings, Central Government is being targeted but TRS is not being touched.

Authentic sources revealed that the campaign which is being run in the name of protection of Shariat is to gain favours from the Government for the success of Muslim Personal Law Board meeting scheduled to be held in Hyderabad next month. Dy. CM of TS, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali and other TRS leaders have been included on the reception committee. It is understood that attempts are being made for getting the name of Hyderabad MP included as Asst. Secretary of Muslim Personal Law Board.

–Siasat News