Triple Talaq Bill: Owaisi fiery speech in Parliament went viral

NEW DELHI: Hours after the Triple Talaq bill was passed in Lok Sabha, All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Thursday voiced his dissent, claiming that the proposed legislation will be misused. The MP said that 100 per cent of the Muslim population is against the move to criminalise triple talaq.

Owaisi alleged that Triple Talaq will bring Muslim women to the roads and will ruin them and to put Muslim men behind the bars.

Addressing Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, the AIMIM MP said, “Madam Speaker you are a woman, please allow me to say this today. If a man is found to be having an extra-marital relationship with multiple women, it’s not a crime any more. But he pronounces Triple Talaq, he will be sent to jail for three years. If the Supreme Court has ruled that the marriage doesn’t get annulled as a result of pronouncement of Triple Talaq, then what will you punish (Muslim men) for?”

Owaisi added, “I want to ask the government, what was your compulsion? The SC has decriminalised homosexuality. You are criminalising triple talaq… Why is this being done? Because it will be used against us (Muslim community)…. The sexual minorities (LGBT) have been given the choice. Why should not religious minority be given the choice?… This is not for justice of Muslims.”

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Journalists and social media users applauded Owaisi for his speech. Pollster Yashwant Deshmukh wrote, “You may completely disagree with @asadowaisi on #TripleTalaq or any issue for that matter, but tell me a better parliamentarian as on today, who debates so passionately with facts and figures and within our constitutional framework.”

Journalist Shahid Siddiqui tweeted, “I normally don’t agree with Owaisi but here I agree with him.T3 Divorce is wrong & unacceptable but once it has been declared null&void by Supreme Court, there was no need for this law. It’s only to insult& criminalise Muslims. It is unconstitutional & discriminatory.”

Writer Rana Safvi wrote, “I don’t think there’s much to disagree with Mr Owaisi here. He’s on point on every point. Brilliant speech.”

Here are some more reactions to his speech:

The bill, known as Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill is a watered down version of the one which was passed by the Lok Sabha earlier and had got stalled in the Rajya Sabha.

The Lok Sabha passed the Triple Talaq bill which makes the practice a criminal offence with a provision of three-year jail term for the erring husband. It will now have to be passed by the Rajya Sabha to become a law.

Here is his full speech

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