Why Jafrabad remains usual suspect of terror operatives under NIA radar

New Delhi: Delhi’s Jafrabad appears to be the hot spot that harbours terror groups as Anti-terrorist sleuths have quite a reason to believe so.

Delhi’s north-east region localities like Chauhan Bangar and Babarpur are usually expected of harbouring criminals but it turns out this region has a record of harbouring criminals with all the past operatives of terror groups over the past several years have lived here.

These semi-urban localities in Delhi have been home to a migrant population from western UP and Bihar, TOI reports.

Just 11 km from the heart of the city these were established in the 1990s to settle people displaced in the city during the Emergency.

In 2016, three alleged operatives of Jaish-e-Mohammad were nabbed in a NIA-Special Cell raid in the Chand Bagh area nearby.

“It is unfortunate that Jafrabad’s name crops up every time there is a raid in the vicinity. We keep preaching to the people that they should keep away from antisocial activities, but it is difficult to keep an eye on everyone,” admits Haji Mustaqeen, a cleric in a local mosque.

With a minimum 10,000 small and medium units which produce garments and small tools are located in this vicinity.

Abdul Hakim, a baker in Chauhan Bangar neighbourhood says, “Since the area borders Loni in UP, unscrupulous elements sneak in at times.”

“If the youth are getting indoctrinated, it is certain that someone is tutoring them. It is the duty of every person to prevent such people from coming here.”

The residents in the vicinity say that the financially and educationally disadvantaged youngsters of the area are easy prey to such recruiters.

“Even though there are government schools here, very few attend them because they are far apart and transportation is major problem. Actually, no one really bothers to send their children to schools,” claimed Gafoor.

Gafoor added, “Small-time industrial units keep popping up in the houses and add to the existing mess, making Jafrabad a favourite prowling ground for anti-India modules.”