Travel: Don’t decide, just let go

London: Travelling to one’s favourite destination is both easy and complex at the same time.

On one hand, you know where you are going; on the other, you dont know know what to do once you reach there.

Here are some pointers one can keep in mind while on a trip:

– Banishing social media apps while on tour

In the age of social media apps dominated lifestyle one tends to forget the pleasures of the real world. One needs to take on a journey where one should at least connect with the place they are visiting. The Telegraph reports that in a survey conducted by a popular travel website, Expedia, in 2017 found out that 56 percent of millennials have posted a photo or video of their holiday on a social network while away.

It is better to know the place in the individualistic sense than depend on the online reviews one tends to believe more.

– Spontaneity works

Choosing a destination is as arduous as ever, so it is suggestible that one needs to think on their feet when it comes to travelling. Instead of mulling over for hours one should go to a station or an airport in order to choose to a place for the next vacation.

– Getting lost

Getting lost is what one wishes for while on tour. There’s no point in sticking to a tourist trail that every big city has these days. Since, it is the detour that counts.

As one tends to find interesting insights of any place only when they decide to travel the road not taken.

Next time try to get lost in order to find the quirkiest of places.(ANI)