Titan launches Sonata watches sub-brand SF

Bengaluru: Watches, accessories and jewellery player Titan Company on Monday launched touch-enabled watches branded SF under Sonata brand aimed at adventure enthusiasts.

“The adventure space in India is fast-growing but has been largely untapped, especially in the watches category. There is no brand operating, we have identified this vacuum and launched SF by Sonata,” said Titan’s watches and accessories CEO Ravi Kant.

SF sub-brand is the evolved version of Sonata’s older Super Fibre range of watches and targets urban male in the age group of 15-26 years, he said.

SF watches are manufactured in Hong Kong and China and imported to India.

The touch powered watch can be operated like a phone just by sliding it in all four directions and comes with dual time, water resistance, EL backlight, countdown timer, alarm, stopwatch, chime and a 100 year calendar.

However, the SF adventure watches lack features like GPS, compass and altimeter.