UP: Tiny little 3 YO approaches Police, complains her mother does not send her school

Gorakhpur: Children are usually afraid of Police, but this tiny little Falak reached a police station to file a complaint against her mother for making her sleep in a bed rather than sending her to school regularly.

Three-year-old Falak somehow managed to reach Pachpokhri Police post, all alone on Monday evening and lodged a complaint against her mother for not sending her regularly to school apart from caring for her enough.

Amused at the tiny girl spirits to approach police without any fear with complaints against her mother, sub-inspector of Pachpokhri police post in Sant Kabirnagar accompanied her back to her house to resolve Falak’s issues.

Her father Maqsood Khan alias ‘Colour’ works in a private firm in Mumbai while her mother looks after them, TOI reports.

“On Monday evening, three-year-old Falak somehow reached a police station about 300 metres away from her house.

“The villagers told me the girl asked them ‘where was police ghar’ and came to us seeking directions. I was amused to see a child enter police post all alone since children are usually afraid of police. The little girl asked me to scold her mother, Asma Khan, for not sending her to school and making her sleep on a hay bed and also for giving more attention to her seven-month-old brother. I was thrilled to see the youngest complainant of my life, and went to her house with her,” said sub-inspector Jitendra Yadav.

“I asked her mother to send the child daily to school and give her equal attention. Her mother promised me that she would now send Falak to school daily. She said she is not being able to give her proper care as she has a seven-month-old child to look after,” he added.

Upon asking what does she aspire to become when she is all grown, little falak replied she wants to be a doctor.

“Police uncle is very good. I went to school today. I don’t want to miss school as I want to become a doctor,” says elated Falak after attending her school.