Millionaire arrested for throwing cash from top of the building

A 24-year-old man named Wong Ching-kit was arrested in Hong Kong for throwing cash from the top of a building and sparking craze amongst the bystanders below.

According to Channel News Asia, on Sunday afternoon, Mr Wong arrived in the neighbourhood of Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong driving a Lamborghini sports car and holding a stack of bills.

The 24-year-old is a millionaire who made his fortune dealing in the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

In a video he was heard saying “Today is FCC’s big day in announcing the trading race. I hope everyone here will pay attention to this important event …I don’t know whether any of you will believe money can fall from the sky”.

In a video which went viral on social media shows him standing on top of a building and throwing cash at the bystanders below and people are seen scrambling to get their hands on the cash.

According to Daily Mail, he threw away about HK$2,00,000 (approximately Rs. 18 lakhs) in his money rain stunt before he was arrested. He even live-streamed his arrest from his Facebook page named Epoch Cryptocurrency.

In a picture shared on the same page, which shows money raining down, Mr Wong said he wanted to help the poor by robbing the rich.

However, according to Asia Crypto Today, he has a reputation among Hong Kong’s crypto inner circle as a scammer and conman, and that incident was a publicity stunt for his FCC (FileCash Coin) project.