Three cheats from Delhi arrested by CCS sleuths

Hyderabad: The Cyber Crime Police, CCS, DD, Hyderabad City apprehended three notorious offenders Pradeep Prasad, Abhishek Diwan and Atma Dev Singh on June 26 at Lakadi- ka-pool who were running a call centre in Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi and looting money from innocent people on the pretext of fake offers and prize money.

The sleuths said on March 5, 2018 they received a complaint from Vittal Mohan Rao of Lothkunta in which he stated that he received a call from Rahil Kapoor Shop Cherries Marketing Pvt Ltd, who offered some gift items like lap top, cell phone and also Turkey trip for two persons in case the complainant pays an amount Rs 2.5 lakh. Believing his words, the complainant paid the money into the bank account furnished by Rahil Kapoor.

Later the complainant was told that he was selected for money prize of Rs 17,00,000 and he had to pay Rs 5,00,000 to claim the cash prize. Believing the words of Rahil Kapoor, he paid the said amount into the account number furnished by Rahil Kapoor. Later, many persons introduced themselves as officials of different departments and went on increasing the prize amount and continued to demand money towards various taxes and charges. The complainant paid an amount of Rs 88,00,0000 in a span of four years to different accounts furnished by the fraudsters.

Later, the complainant realized that he was cheated by the fraudsters and lodged a complain to the police, who registered a case at Cyber Crime Police Station.

On credible information, Inspector K.V.M. Prasad and his team members S.I. Madhusudhan PCs Satish proceeded to Delhi and apprehended Sumit Malik, who was playing key role in the call centre being run by the fraudsters and he confessed that Pradeep Prasad owner, Abhishek and Atmadev Singh (both partners and tele callers) are running call centre along with other staff at Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi under the conspiracy of Jeethu Sahani and Mohit Sahu.

Later, on June 26, Inspector K.V.M. Prasad received credible information and apprehended Pradeep Prasad, Abhishek and Atmadev Singh. They were remanded to Judicial custody by ACP Chakravarthy, who is the investigating officer of this case. Other tele callers, team leaders and bank account holders are absconding.

The police seized Laptops and I-Phone X from Sumit Malik Cell phones and debit cards from Pradeep Prasad, Debit cards and I-phones from Atma Dev Singh, debit cards and I-phone from Abhishek Diwan. (NSS)