Telangana students plan massive rally on Jan 19

Hyderabad, December 31: IRRESPECTIVE of the Srikrishna Committee’s recommendations, the Telangana Students Joint Action Committee (TSJAC) has decided to launch a battle for statehood with a massive show of ‘student power’ in the city on January 19.

The TSJAC also gave a call to all public representatives from the region, irrespective of their party affiliation, to resign and join the Telangana movement should the committee report go against the aspirations of the people of the region.

More than 300 leaders, including the convener and members, of TSJAC from all districts in the region, met at the Arts College of Osmania University here today and chalked out their action plan to take forward the Telangana movement. TSJAC representatives from various universities took part in the meeting which was held under the leadership of OUJAC president M Anil Kumar.

“We demand that the Centre introduce a bill in the next Parliament session carving out Telangana irrespective of the recommendation of the Srikrishna Committee report,” OUJAC spokesperson P Kailash said.

The TSJAC is also planning to “show the student power” to the Centre and the state governments by planning a massive public meeting at the Arts College on January 19. “We are planning to organise Telangana Vidyarthi Kurukshetra Mahasabha with lakhs of students from all over the 10 districts in the region. This would show the power of students and the support to the demand for separate statehood,” Kailash said.

Similarly, the TSJAC gave a call to the people’s representatives of all the parties to resign if the Srikrishna Committee did not recommend separate Telangana. “All people’s representatives, right from ward members to MPs, should resign before January 20 or else they would face our wrath,” Kailash warned. The TSJAC leaders decided to stage protests and dharnas before the residences of people’s representatives and obstruct them wherever they went if they did not resign. The TSJAC even warned them of physical attacks if they did not resign. At the same time, it assured the politicians that they would be reelected with huge margins if they resigned and built pressure on the government.

The TSJAC also decided to start noncooperation against the ‘Andhra government’ in a big way and take it to the people. “We will ask people not to pay bills or taxes. The noncooperation would be right from a child to every household. Children will be asked not to go to schools, write examinations or pay fees. Similarly, employees should resort to ‘pen down’ strike and all sections of society will be asked to join the movement,” Anil Kumar said. The TSJAC also decided to support the agitations to be taken up by the Telangana Political JAC.