Nerve-centre of Telangana stir stays calm

Hyderabad, December 31: On the day when the Srikrishna Committee on Telangana submitted its report to the Centre, the Osmania University witnessed a lull of activity. “It’s just a calm before the storm. If the committee report goes against the wishes of Telanganites or the Centre delays the creation of Telangana state in spite of the committee’s recommendation, the campus will once again boil,’’ a student said.

The paramilitary forces which stood guard at both ends of the campus indicated how alert the authorities were to the agitation of OU students who have been in the forefront of the Telangana movement since December last. The forces, however, had a relaxed time as the students confined themselves to the campus and stayed calm.

A section of the Telangana Student Joint Action Committee (TSJAC) huddled into a meeting to chalk out their plan of action while the Progressive Democratic Students Union (PDSU) organised a meeting under the banner of Poru Keratam at the Arts College. Otherwise, students stuck to their academics or got glued to the television sets anticipating the outcome of the Srikrishna Committee report at any time.

The topic, however, which was discussed among the students undoubtedly was the outcome of the Srirkishna Committee report. At all the small treeshade `chai’ dabbas or in the canteen or hostels, the mood was similar and the topic the same. Students were seen discussing the possible content of the report and also its pros and cons. “Irrespective of the report it is likely that the region, particularly the campus, might once again boil. If the report goes against separate Telangana, then it is certain that the campus will witness a repeat of last year’s violence. If the committee gives a favourable report but the Centre delays its decision or action, then also the students won’t keep quiet,’’ a scholar said. Six companies have been deployed on the campus and its vicinity suggesting the intensity the agitation might acquire. With nothing much to do on the first day of their deployment, the personnel relaxed a bit on the lawns and on the roadside pavements under the cool shade of the trees.